Mission Statement


Second Chance of North Carolina Incorporated is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization

focused on helping at-risk youth and adults by involvement in community based programming.

Our purpose is to offer effective grassroots outreach programs

that will provide opportunities for individual and community improvement.










SCONC Programs

Man-Up Initiative

Gang Awareness

Project Rebound


• Man-Up Initiative

 • Project Gang Awareness
 • Project Rebound

• Technology Initiative

Man-Up Initiative


A program for young and first time fathers on dealing

with the pressures of fatherhood and adjusting to parenthood.


Program provides:


• Parenting Classes

• Court Advocacy

• Career Counseling

• Basic Computer Skills Training

• GED Preparation

• Gang Prevention


Statement of Need

“The single biggest social problem in our society may be the growing

absence of fathers from their children’s homes, because it contributes to

so many other social problems.” Former President Bill Clinton


• U.S. Census Bureau Statistics: - 28% (20 million) of all children in the

US under 18 live with one parent.

- 84% of children who live with one parent live with their mother.


• The decline of responsible fatherhood contributes to:

- crime and juvenile delinquency - premature sexuality and

out-of-wedlock births to teenagers - deteriorating educational achievement -

depression, substance abuse and alienation among adolescents -

growing number of women and children in poverty


1 U.S. Department of State’s Office of International Information Programs

2 U.S Census Bureau March 1998 Supplement to the Population Survey

3 Statement from Bill Wood and Jay Gell, Children’s Legal Foundation, Charlotte North Carolina

Project Gang Awareness

A grassroots program supporting law enforcement on combating gang affiliation within the community to help end gang violence.


Program provides:


• Counseling

• Court Advocacy

• Mediation

• Basic Computer Skills Training


Statement of Need


• 661 offenses involving gang members, including car thefts,

assaults and murders from 2000 – 2002.

• 332 distinct gangs with 5,142 members spread over half of the North Carolina counties.

• Recruits are as young as 8 years old.

• Gangs are in the suburbs and the cities.

• Many gang members join to be a part of a family they yearn for but didn’t have.

• “We’re just trying to come up with solutions.”

– Dale Greene, Charlotte- Mecklenburg Police Department.


Charlotte Observer, October 2003


Project Rebound


A Community based program designed to help families adjust

to substance abuse in the home.


Program provides:


• Counseling

• Job Training

• Basic Computer Skills Training

• Adult Literacy Campaign

• Family Mediation

Technology Initiative


A hands on program to teach youth about recent and emerging computer technologies.

Program provides:


• A+ crash course, take apart and rebuilding of desktops.

• Understanding CPU usage and speed

• Basic understanding of HTML coding.

• Exploration of multimedia components and there use.